SCONRAIL Zürcherstrasse 41 Winterthur

The most efficient way to get to SCONRAIL is by public transport (the trains leave about every half hour in the airport railway station and about every 15 min. at Zurich mainstation.) From the airport, it takes 15 min. to Winterthur main station, from there about 15min. walking or 5 min. by bus. From Zurich main station, it takes 25 min. to Winterthur main station.

Directions (PDF)

By plane:

  • The next Airport is Zurich airport which is located between Zurich and Winterthur.
  • Take the train at the railway station of Zurich airport (see "By rail")

By train:

  • Buy a train ticket to 8400 Winterthur (if you use the ticket vending machine you just have to key in the ZIP code 8400). This ticket is valid also for the bus in Winterthur.
  • Take the next train to Winterthur main station.
  • Take the bus No. 1 direction "Töss"; get off at the third stop "Loki".
  • The entrance to SCONRAIL is just across the road from the stop "Loki".

On the road:

  • Take exit "Winterthur Töss" on Highway "A1" (east-west connection St.Gallen-Geneva).
  • Drive in direction to Winterthur city centre (blue signpost "Winterthur").
  • After 1.9km you will pass a McDonalds restaurant on the left hand side.
  • Turn right into the courtyard 20m after the next traffic light.
  • Parking is available straight after the gate, marked with "PROSE-plates" or in front of the building 1002, marked with "Reserviert Besucher Gebäude 1001/1002".
  • The entrance to SCONRAIL is just through the red entrance door from the courtyard.